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Clay characters
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Make claymation Movies with Animachin


COVID-19 Information.

Hi Everyone, unfortunately for the time being, we will not be running any after school or holiday workshops. Don't worry, we will be back and running workshops just as soon as the restrictions ease sufficiently to allow us to run our workshops the way we always have. Keep an eye out for more info and don't be afraid to send us an email if you have any questions. Stay safe and look after each other.

Our Workshops


Our workshops are a fun and creative way to learn, make friends and most of all, make awesome movies!

  • Hands on

  • Guided learning

  • Creative

  • Group Work

  • Ages 7+

Workshops & Events



Make an amazing movie in our 2 and 3 day workshops. We run our famous workshops every school holidays for

kids aged 9+


Much like our holiday workshops, except stretched

out over 8 1.5 hour weekly sessions. Make an awesome movie in groups. Brunswick and kensington





Looking for a stimulating and engaging incursion for your school or group? Look no further!  We can tailor a fantastic school incursion to suit your class size and time limit.




Coming soon, our all new, Clay Club. A space for preschoolers and parents to work on their fine motor skills, make sculptures and models and the best part is, we deal with the mess!


A few times a year, we like to bring all our students

together to share their amazing work on the big

with the world!

Our next screening is at the Astor Theatre on Saturday July 7th

What Parents Say

Our daughter loved the animation classes with Alex, she has been so inspired creatively that she will be booking again for more classes, the video that was created was amazing.   Thank you. 


Vicki- Shareena's Mum.

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