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Looking for a stimulating, engaging and

fun incursion for your school or club?

Do you want to teach stop motion with your

class but need professional help with a  project?

We offer model making and stop motion workshops to primary and secondary students.

Our incursion packages cater to up to 30 students and can be run as a one off, or multiple sessions for longer projects.

Need something specific? We can tailor a package to suit any type of project.


Our past workshops have included making stop motion for LOTE, Music video projects, Art classes, special needs students and more.

From a child’s perspective, animation offers hours of creative play and a way of demonstrating their thinking about a complex world.

From a teacher’s perspective, animation offers the incentive that is required to brainstorm ideas, write and rewrite a coherent script, consider character movement, shots, angles, and all of the roles associated with telling a story on screen.  In a Languages classroom, animation offers purpose. It offers a window to an authentic audience of speakers of the language you are learning, outside the classroom of peers. The personal and academic skills students acquire in sharing their stories through creating an animation are as diverse and as unpredictable as animation itself.

-Jennifer Brown Omichi

Teacher of Japanese

We engaged Alex from Animachin to work with all of our Year 6 students to learn about creating a short film using stop motion. We were very impressed by the success that the students had with their short films.
In only five hours, Alex managed to teach the students how to:
use the stop-motion app on iPad, including great tips to increase success. Write an engaging narrative using a storyboard
construct a useful and effective plasticine figure. Manipulate the figure to show emotions and movement
The children were incredibly engaged with the experience and each small group managed to successfully finish their short film. As a specialist teacher I understand how difficult it is to run a project like this and achieve excellent outcomes. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend Animachin to your learners.

Elissa Gault, Languages and Arts Leader
St Lawrence Primary School


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