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Just starting out? We've had plenty of practice, so here are some resources to help steer you in the right direction.

Getting started.

  • Stop motion animation is a way to make inanimate objects come to life, you can literally use anything, most people use plasticine or clay (hence the name claymation) but you can use lego, blutack, action figures, dolls, or even food!

  • You'll need a camera for taking photos, you can use a phone or tablet. We recommend using a web camera attatched to computer. There's plenty of options available, but if you want good quality images, we recommend something like this 

  • You'll also need an app to take photos with,  there's plenty of free apps including Stop motion studio which is great for phones and tablets, we recommend ZU3D which has options for mac PC and ipad.

  • Building a set or backdrop is a great way to make your movie look professional. Using blue coloured paper stuck on to the wall is a great way to make sky, add cut out paper clouds and a sun. stick some green paper on a table top for grass.

Using Plasticine aka Clay

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