December Holidays

Are you a fan of Wallace and Grommit and Shawn the Sheep? Ever wanted to know how those movies are made?

At our intensive workshops, you can make a fantastic short film while you learn the tricks of the trade.

Write a script, create characters, sets and props using plasticine and other materials, then bring it all together frame by frame.

After making the visuals, record a voice for your very own animated character. At the end of the workshop we'll send you a downloadable link to your finished movie and you can also take home your plasticine creations.


December 5 day Claymation Workshop Hawthorn

Make a movie in 5 days

Monday Dec 16 - Friday Dec 20 (5 Consecutive days)

9am-3:30pm Each day.


Ages 9+ Recommended

2nd Hawthorn Scout Hall, Victoria Road, Hawthorn

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